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Who we are

We are a Greentech that uses agroindustry by-products to produce botanical actives

NatCrom was legally incorporated in 2020 in the municipality of Araraquara/SP, after more than 10 years of academic research in Chromatography, Chemistry of Natural Products and Biotechnology.


Our team is made up of doctors in Chemistry who graduated from the “Nucleus of Bioassays, Biosynthesis and Ecophysiology of Natural Products” (NuBBE) of Unesp, passionate about developing sustainable solutions in the processes of extraction, separation and purification of botanical ingredients.

Based on our innovative and sustainable technology for the production of botanical actives, we were leveraged with a PIPE/FAPESP investment for the development of a new supply chain of bioactive molecules (antioxidants and antimicrobials) from the use of agro-industrial residues.

Our purpose and strategy are aligned with the principles of the circular economy, green chemistry and global trends in preserving the environment.

Quem Somos


Natcrom.png Analysis


  • liquid chromatography

  • gas chromatography

  • Spectrophotometry

  • mass spectrometry

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

  • Research and Development (R&D)

  • Quality control

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  • Reuse of plant residues

  • circular economy

  • chromatography

  • Chemistry of natural products

  • Chemistry of natural products

  • plant metabolomics

  • chromatography

  • Others

O que fazemos


Isabel Duarte Coutinho

Lilian Cherubin Correia

PhD in Chemistry from the Chemistry Institute/UNESP.

Before founding Natcrom, he worked as an Agricultural Application Scientist at a multinational and as a Research Assistant in Phytochemistry at the Campinas Agronomic Institute (IAC). Leads the areas of Finance, People Management and Marketing.

His competence covers financial management, business development and positioning strategies for products and services offered by Natcrom.


PhD in Chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry/UNESP, she was a visiting researcher at research centers in England and Germany and is a Specialist in Project Management from ESALQ/USP.

From 2019 onwards, he directed his passion towards innovative entrepreneurship and the circular economy. At Natcrom, he manages strategic planning, the scalability of products and services and the relationship with stakeholders. Furthermore, it is responsible for raising public and private resources, commercial partnerships and implementing ESG practices.



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(19) 98162-3692 |

Av. Jorge Fernandes de São Mattos, 311 | Box 03 
8th Industrial District, Araraquara - SP, 14808-154

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